Standard dunnage bags

Dunnage bags to protect your goods

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Cairgo-bag dunnage bags to protect your containerized cargo. 
Available in all resistance levels (level 1 to level 5).
Dunnage bags are the fastest, most economical, safest and most modern cargo lashing system currently in the market.   Mainly used by export companies to avoid damage during transport and give a good and to give a good image and presentation of their products to their customers.  Ideal for exporting goods in marine containers. 

Dunnage bags to protect your goods
  • It is the fastest system to lash cargo.
  • Easy to install.
  • Your cargo reaches its destination free of damage and subsequent claims.
  • Available for truck-trailers, railcars, barges and shipping containers...
  • Customer loyalty
  • Various measures adaptable to all types of goods.
  • Several qualities of resistance (Up to 25 tons).
  • AAR approved available (level 1-5).
  • More than 100,000 bags in stock.
  • Battery-powered portable compressor.

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