Special dunnage bags

Custom-made special dunnage bags

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Square bags

ArrowSquare bags

The new square bags are ideal to fill in large voids, especially in cargo with an odd number of pallets or located in the center of the truck or container, and with two very large gaps on the sides.
Available in various sizes and possibility of custom-manufacturing. It has the AAR Verification.
The main advantage over classic bags is that once they are inflated, they have more surface contact with the goods, so their strength and effectiveness is much greater than those of a classic bag.

Hanger bag

ArrowHanger bag

This is a classic dunnage bag, but with a rigid and flat support at the top, which makes it easier to rest the bag between the pallets without having to hold it all the time.
Ideal system for very high pallets, and possibility of placing the valve at the desired height.

Adhesive bag

ArrowAdhesive bag

Dunnage bag with adhesive strips on the back in order to stick the bag to one of the sides of the pallet or to the side of the container, and thus not having to hold the bag while inflating it.

Container bag

ArrowContainer bag

Dunnage bag built to the size of a 20 ft container; (5.90m long x 90 or 120 cm wide) or of a 40 ft container; (12m long x 90 or 120 cm wide) Ideal for very long cargo. Built-in adhesive.

Twing bag

ArrowTwing bag

The new inflatable twin bags are designed to fill gaps between goods of up to 100 cm.
They are made by joining two inflatable bags with 2 raffia straps, so that once inflated it looks like a single bag. It has an inflation system with a “V” shaped hose, so that they can be inflated simultaneously. Recommended for gaps between 60 and 100 cm wide, and they are ideal for filling large gaps that remain between pallets during transport.
Moisture resistant, with an extremely durable outer shell. 100% recyclable




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