Protective awnings

Protective awning to secure freight in marine containers

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Container set

ArrowContainer set

It is a prefabricated lashing system so that they can be easily installed inside the maritime container. Each set consists of 2 sections of vertical straps with 2 carabiners at the ends, to easily anchor it in the upper and lower rings of the container, and from which 2 parallel straps come out, which are joined together by buckles, and once joined With the buckles, the belt is taut with a reusable tensioner. The 2 parallel belts that the system incorporates are adjustable in height. (there are models with 3 tapes and with 4 tapes)


C-AS clamping system

ArrowC-AS clamping system

The C-AS System is a practical and easy solution to fix the final part of the load, preventing the moving of the goods towards the final part of the container door. This system is recommended by several shipping companies for loading dangerous goods, following the CTU code of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). For thjis system we recommend lashing strap 105PES (2300daN), SKY buckles, guide lash and a reusable tensioner (Optionally we can use the lashing corner piece)

Safety door

ArrowSafety door

Se trata de un sistema para prevenir accidentes al abrir las puertas del contendor, y está compuesto por una cadena muy resistente forrada con un protector de poliéster y con unos enganches en los extremos para poder abrazar las 2 barras verticales de las puertas del contenedor., evitando así que al abrir las puertas se pueda caer la mercancía hacia nosotros.
Uno de los accidentes más comunes en el manejo de contenedores es cuando las puertas están expuestas a una fuerte presión y se abaten violentamente cuando se abre el contenedor. Con el sistema de seguridad para contenedores Safety door de J2 Servid, evitamos cualquier accidente a la hora de abrir las puertas. Recuerde que mas vale prevenir que curar !

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