Protective awnings

Protective awning to secure freight in marine containers

Safety sheet

ArrowSafety sheet

Easy-to-install lashing system for marine containers.
It consists of a fiber sheet manufactured with 4 carabiners in the corners, used to prevent cargo from shifting and avoid any kind of accident.  It is also a safeguard against possible theft as the goods are covered. 

Container set

ArrowContainer set

It is a prefabricated lashing system so that they can be easily installed inside the maritime container. Each set consists of 2 sections of vertical straps with 2 carabiners at the ends, to easily anchor it in the upper and lower rings of the container, and from which 2 parallel straps come out, which are joined together by buckles, and once joined With the buckles, the belt is taut with a reusable tensioner. The 2 parallel belts that the system incorporates are adjustable in height. (there are models with 3 tapes and with 4 tapes)


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