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LOGITERM Isothermal System

Logiterm is a revolutionary new system which protects products from temperature changes by maintaining a suitable temperature at all times and without the need for special containers.
A wide range of products are highly sensitive to temperature changes during transportation and export, such as wine, cheese, chocolate, water, pharmaceuticals, electronics and chemicals. We provide isothermal insulation for 20 'and 40' containers, as well as covers for pallets.

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Logiterm is a flexible thermal insulation system used when transporting products that are sensitive to temperature variations over land, sea or air. In many cases, Logiterm avoids the need for temperature-controlled containers.

Logiterm is composed of an air bubble film made of polyethylene that is coated with two layers of pure aluminum.
Logiterm works by insulating against temperatures outside and against diverse temperature changes while goods are in transit. It is compression resistant, and due to its slim composition, it optimizes storage capacity in containers.


Logiterm insulating covers are perfect for exporting freight that is sensitive to temperature variations during transportation.

We provide single-use or reusable pallet covers. They offer a wide range of uses such as the insulation of individual pallets for sea groupage containers or airfreight, and they are generally used both in summer and winter to avoid sudden temperature changes.

We provide:

Insulating covers for fruit (News - More information)
Insulating covers for wine
Insulating covers for chemicals
Insulating covers for paintings
Insulation covers for food products
Insulating covers for export
Insulating covers for air transport
Insulating covers for shipping
Custom-made insulating covers

Custom-made insulating covers.

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PRESENTATION isothermal insulation for container

  • Kit for 20 'containers : 1 roll of 47m x 1.20m tall
  • Kit for 40 'container : 1 roll of 83 x 1.20m tall


Isothermal Insulation

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