Desiccant bags

Special desiccant products to absorb moisture in containers

Special desiccant products to absorb moisture in containers
J2-Dry desiccant bags are used to absorb the moisture created inside marine containers and thus avoid problems at destination.
One of the main grounds for claims in shipment worldwide is the humidity.
The combination of humidity in the air and moisture from packaging tends to create a tropical microclimate in the container, and water vapor can penetrate the packages being shipped. This process forms condensation which then dries out several times throughout the journey (day and night). 
It is vital to prevent the formation of condensation inside the container in order to protect and preserve the quality of the goods being exported in containers.

  • They protect the cargo from humidity during transport.
  • Very high absorption capacity.
  • Available with or without a hook.
  • Suitable for food environments.
  • Possibility of printing.
What does the IMO (International Maritime Organization) CTU code say about moisture in sea containers? more info
J2 dry container gel

ArrowJ2 dry container gel

It is a new concentrated desiccant specifically designed for marine containers, which transforms moisture into gel. The main advantages over traditional 2kg desiccants are: shorter installation time (fewer bags per container and less weight are needed), lower storage cost (occupies four times less space), it does not ooze water once saturated and it is suitable for food environments. Under normal conditions it is advisable to place 4 gel containers in a 20 ft container and 8 in a 40 ft container. The J2-dry container gel comes in 1 kg bags.


J2 dry container

ArrowJ2 dry container

They are dessicant bags to protect containerized cargo from humidity during shipment.
The desiccant material is made of natural clay and calcium chloride. Under normal conditions, it is advisable to use 1 kg. per foot, that is, 20 kgs for 20-ft containers and 40 kg for 40-ft containers;
The desiccant bags have to be evenly distributed inside the container. The J2-dry container bags come in 2 kg.

J2-dry clay

ArrowJ2-dry clay

Desiccant of natural clay to protect goods from moisture inside enclosed spaces or packaging (boxes, bags...). Very useful for chemical products, machinery, electronics…  Available in various sizes.

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