J2 Servid

J2 Servid has more than 25 years of experience in the packaging market for cargo protection during transport

Our products are vital to ensure that your goods are transported in perfect condition and thus avoid damage during transport, such as cargo movements, breakage, moisture problems, sudden temperature changes, etc.

Thanks to our vast experience in the sector, we can advise you at any time on the optimal system to protect your goods. We will study your case, advise you and provide you with the solution to your problems.

Our philosophy is to be constantly researching new solutions and innovating with new products to protect your cargo.

We are in an increasingly globalized market, where goods are exported to countries more and more distant and often in extreme conditions, so it is advisable to protect them properly during transport.

J2 Servid offers you a wide range of solutions to protect your cargo during transport, whether by road, sea, air or rail.

With its extensive range of products, J2 SERVID has become a global supplier of packaging to export cargo for your company...

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